Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marriage and Lawyers

Why is it that when you are looking for help with your marriage society seems to want to destroy it. I recently did a search "making my wife happy" and on the same page where there was advice there was also legal services on divorce. Is it just me or do people still believe that marriage takes work and is a mystery which takes a life to understand.
When I was engaged to my wife 5 years ago I remember writing a report on the divorce rate in America and in my research discovered that my wife and I had a 90% possibility in divorce. The 90% was attributed to many factors such as education, income, race, and parents being divorced. So here I am 28 married to a woman 5 years younger, 5 times whiter, and 5 times sexier than the day we were married. Lets just say that 10% of love will beat out 90% possibility always, why? Love is forever, never fails, and surpasses all understanding.

So tell me lawyer which makes a better case 10% love or 90% possibility?